Dr. Vicki Veroff, Ph.D.

Dr. Veroff has been a clinical psychologist for over 30 years, working with children, teens, adults and couples. She also received Quebec accreditation as a practising neuropsychologist, offering specific expertise in brain-related issues and disorders. Dr. Veroff offers therapy, psycho-educational and neuropsychological testing, along with various neurocognitive interventions (e.g., Cogmed Working Memory Training, Alpha-Stim AID, Light Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation). After working for many years at the Montreal Children's and Jewish General Hospitals, as well as in various schools and daycares, Dr. Veroff now works exclusively in private practice. She recently opened the West Island Neuropsychology and Counseling Centre to offer clients a wider range of services, all in one convenient location.

Dr. Veroff is passionate about her work and her clients, specializing in areas such as anxiety, ADHD, work stress/burnout, depression, relationship issues, learning difficulties/disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders and eating/feeding disorders. She is always happy to answer any questions you may have about therapy and/or testing, and can be reached via the contact page on this web site, her direct email (, or her dedicated web site,