Social Worker

Jillian Rudnitsky, M.S.W.

Jillian Rudnitsky has her M.S.W. from McGill University and works as a Clinical Social Worker with children aged 3 to 16 in a daycare and an elementary school as well as in a private practice.  She helps support children and their parents through the personal challenges that they are experiencing and assists kids in developing skills that will help them build and maintain healthy relationships.  The primary focus of her work has been on appropriate social development and healthy stress coping.  Jillian's mission is to nourish children's individual strengths in order to foster social and emotional growth and exploration.

Jillian offers services to individuals and groups.  Her creative strength-based approach allows her to connect with clients at their level and helps them advance towards their goals at their own pace.  Individual counseling and skill building sessions for children, adolescents, and families provide a safe space to discuss issues related to topics such as life cycle transitions, self-esteem, anxiety, and bullying.  Available groups are focused on areas such as social skills development, self-regulation and stress coping, anti-bullying strategies, and empowerment.  Jillian also facilitates parent and educator workshops.