Tutoring helps children manage current homework; remediation builds fundamental skills and brain connections. At the West Island Neuropsychology and Counseling Centre, we offer both! Tutors can support your child through their day-to-day, week-to-week curriculum in English, French, math, science and social studies. We find the best ways to help your child sit and learn; that may mean sitting on a bouncy chair or beanbag, using a lap weight or fidget toy, minimizing distraction with earplugs, headphones and/or a privacy carrel, or implementing high-intensity aerobic exercise breaks to stimulate learning and memory.



Unlike tutoring, remediation is for children who are missing basic skills or who have specific learning disabilities (e.g., language delays, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia). Based on the most up-to-date research and expert recommendations, we stay away from computerized interventions; these programs are very expensive and are not empirically proven to have benefits. Rather, our educators - uniquely guided by the extensive research and experience of a licensed neuropsychologist - use one-on-one or very small group interventions tailored to the profile and needs of each child. These empirically validated interventions (e.g., LIPS, Reading Mastery, Read Naturally, Visualizing/Verbalizing, JumpMath) may not just lead to better academic performance - when administered accurately and intensively, they can actually foster measurable changes in the brain, termed "neuroplasticity."

Parents and teachers should know that reading skills, even in children with dyslexia, can definitely improve at any age. However, the earlier we intervene, the better the outcome. According to current research, children showing language and phonological difficulties as early as pre-K and kindergarten should have immediate intervention to foster their reading development. Further, children who are not recognizing letters and sounds in grade two are at very high risk for long-term reading deficits. Remember, before grade three children are learning to read; from grade three on, they are reading to learn. Our goal is to help EVERY child learn to read to their full and true potential!

Note that remediation at our clinic may be covered by private insurance, if recommended by and held in the facility of a licensed psychologist. Fees for both tutoring and remediation may also be eligible for income tax deductions under medical expenses.


Credit cards and payment plans available. Receipts may be eligible for insurance under psychology.