“Hi Vicki, I am not sure if you remember us but we were in to see you for an assessment ~3 years ago. You determined that J had a degree of dyscalculia and outlined your recommendations…I am happy to report that she finished her grade 9 year with an 81% average in math. She achieved an academic award for high achievement in several subjects… This year, due to her achievements,..she has been selected to study in the advanced math and science programs…I wanted to thank you and let you know how much we appreciated your help. That finally made us invest in your recommendations. We are reaping the benefits.” - Mom of 14-year-old girl

“Wow! what a difference...He is not the same boy. Since school started we see a big difference in his behavior.  His marks are higher but the best thing is that now he's able to make friends and that he 's so happy! Thank you again for your help“ - Mom of 9-year-old boy diagnosed with and treated for ADHD

“Warm, welcoming, professional and compassionate. Melissa Stern is wonderful. Would definitely recommend.” - Comment on WINCC Facebook page

“…J came in beaming today! He said he had a great week and a good report card! He improved in all his subjects because of resource and remediation also improved his English grade. Last year he was failing French and now he passed with a 60, meaning it’s the first time he passed all his subjects! He asked if I could start helping him in French for the reading too…I was so happy for him, I feel like a proud Mama.” - Note from our remediation specialist, Karina, after six weeks of working with a 14-year-old boy who read at a grade two-three level. This young man finished the school year at a grade six level and won the award for most improved student!

“Before I used to sit in class hoping the teacher would not call on me to read. Now, I put my hand up, wish and hoping she will call on me to read!” - 10-year-old girl diagnosed with reading fluency delays

“Hi Mrs. C.. Hope all is well! I was so impressed by J’s reading! He is sounding out the words and his accuracy level has significantly improved! BRAVO J! Mme. C” - Teacher of a third grade child who could not read at all, two months after beginning remediation

“Hello Dr Veroff, Thank you very much for the report…This morning A and I bicycled to school as we usually do when the weather is ‘decent’ and A’s teacher met us at the bike rack…Even though we had positive feedback these last weeks in A’s agenda, I actually still had a moment of apprehension when she said that she wanted to talk to me. But this was the discussion we were dreaming about for the longest time. She mentioned that it’s like night and day for A’s behavior and performance in class, now he needs almost no ‘special’ attention, he does everything that is asked and basically all on his own. He is never in trouble in class and she joked that now it’s always other boys. She was hugging him as she gave me her comments and he was just loving it…we would never trade this outcome for A for any price, so thank you again for all your help.” - Dad regarding his 9-year-old son after diagnosis of and treatment for ADHD and a reading disorder

“Hi Dr. Vicki, We were all really happy with our last family session. You are so good at making everyone feel heard and understood.  Even my husband felt like the session was incredibly helpful, and I was worried he might have felt that we were ganging up on him.” - M.J.

“Hi Vicki, Just wanted to say thanks for listening, and for helping put my relationships in perspective.  I needed that. Thanks also for paying attention when I spoke. Seems silly to say, but my last therapist could not remember my kids names, let alone anyone else I mentioned. So thanks for that! When [my doctor] had suggested I see you, she had said I needed a “person”.  I feel you are my “person” now, and that is comforting.” - S.R.

“Thank you so much for a thorough report and excellent suggestions. M has 2 shadows at school and we are working hard...Please guide [classroom aide] in any way you feel would be helpful. She is a sweetheart and I thank you for your recommendation.” - Mom of a five-year-old assessed and now receiving support at the daycare

“Hi Vicki, Thanks for the encouragement and offer to talk. I am really enjoying the mindfulness practice and find it is helping me a lot already. People have even commented to me that I seem more relaxed lately. 😃 I think between seeing my psychiatrist and practicing mindfulness I have never been better. I'm not even on any meds now!” - A.W.

“Thanks for the information on J - it’s made it easier for us to support him and to handle him in class. I also wanted to mention that as a teacher, I have seen a few of your reports now (having been at [school] for a while now), and I really appreciate how thorough and informative they are. It’s not always easy to interpret reports from psychologists but yours are a pleasure to read. They help us understand our students better and give us ideas about possible accommodations. They can’t always all be provided, but we do try our best.” - Teacher of a recently assessed grade five student

“…and thank goodness for mindfulness!! It really helped me relax last night, and when i woke up in the middle of the night, it helped me fall back asleep faster...and I was not freaking out about waking up!! I have to say that I am very proud of myself! It was a huge day for me! I can see all the work i have done in the last 2.5 years has paid off! Still work to do, but i feel like i am making huge progress and moving fwd...and it feels AMAZING :)” - M.A.

“Hi Vicki, How are you? It’s been a long time just wanted to let you know that I have been doing really well, still taking Zoloft. I have also been using the tools you had provided me with when having a rougher time certain months - very helpful.” - S.W.

“It really feels good to be happy again and feel like i am moving fwd in life...very long time in the making...” - M.L.