Shiri Benoualid, M.A.

Drama Therapist

Shiri Benoualid holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Creative Arts Therapies specializing in Drama Therapy. Drama Therapy utilizes elements of play including masks, puppets, role play, art making, music, and embodiment to increase an individual’s self awareness, and gives access through these tools, to working through emotional, behavioural, or social difficulties. Shiri has been using Drama Therapy in treatment with a wide variety of ages ranging from kindergarten children to adults. Currently Shiri works as a School Counsellor where she predominantly uses Drama Therapy and play in her practice. Shiri also works individually with children in private practice. Shiri is trained and certified in a unique Drama Therapy method known as Developmental Transformations (DvT). DvT is a spontaneous improvisational embodied method, used with a variety of populations, to increase self-expression and self-esteem, and reduce fears and anxieties. DvT is also used as a form of personal growth. Shiri is a faculty member of the Montreal DvT Institute where she teaches this method to graduate students in the Creative Arts Therapy program in Concordia University. Shiri offers both individual and group Drama Therapy and DvT therapy to children, adolescents, and adults.