Remediation Specialist

Olivier Perreault-Smith, LL.B.

A former attorney, Olivier has reoriented his career in an effort to transmit his love of the spoken and written word. He has been published in both French and English in various trade journals and newspapers, and has also worked as a technical writer and translator. In recent years, he has devoted himself to teaching languages to children, which he does for both the Kativik School Board and the Lester B. Pearson School Board. More specifically, he has been mentoring and tutoring young Inuit children as well as young immigrants from China and South Africa who have recently arrived in the Montreal area. As well, he also has homework-help assignments in an elementary school in the West-Island. His outgoing personality and jovial demeanor is a hit with children and adults alike, as they quickly warm up to his singular approach to french immersion and tutoring.

Olivier has first-hand experience in the field of educational games, and ensures that the children are enjoying their learning experience. He has worked with children struggling with various disabilities & learning difficulties. Moreover, Olivier has a knack for piquing a child's interest by choosing books and lesson plans that will cater to that child's unique personality.