Occupational Therapist

Alyssa Morellato, M.Sc.A OT

Alyssa Morellato holds an applied master's degree in Occupational Therapy from McGill University, and has been a member of l'Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec (OEQ) since 2015. Alyssa has experience in the evaluation and treatment of children aged 3-12 years old in both a physical medicine, and child psychiatry setting.

Typical treatment goals in occupational therapy focus on developing skills for daily living including: gross motor (ie. balance, jumping, upper-limb coordination, strength, agility, etc.), fine motor (ie. copying, handwriting, cutting, shoe-lace tying, zippers, and other bilateral tasks), sensory processing and regulation (ie. auditory, visual, vestibular, touch, and oral sensory), visuo-perception (ie. figure-ground, visual closure, form constancy), organization, appropriate behaviour, and social skills training.

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