Alexandra Janho, M.A.

Social and ADHD Coach

Alexandra completed a Master's of Arts in Sociology and an undergraduate minor in Education at McGill University. With a passion for teaching, Alexandra aims to inspire students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Alexandra has experience working with children with various learning disabilities and special needs for over 12 years at Vanier College Supercamp. As the Leadership Program Director, she mentored over 400 adolescents, organizing and executing daily skill-building workshops on various topics such as effective communication, discrimination, media literacy, and social justice. 

She aims to foster life skills and build confidence. Alexandra takes a hands-on approach when it comes to ADHD coaching, providing support and accountability. Alexandra will be offering ADHD coaching and will (lead or co-lead) some of our ADHD groups. Her friendly personality and warm demeanour are comforting to children and adults.